How to ride Uber and Gett Free 2017

Hello dear members, today I asked myself: how to ride to UBER and GETT taxi only on promotional codes? It is necessary to have a lot of prepaid virtual cards, at the same time, those that are accepted by Uber and Gett taxu.

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  • Find sellers of prepaid virtual cards mastercard
  • Test purchased cards on UBER and Gett
  • Choose those that accept UBER and Gett Taxi

How to ride Uber and Gett Free 2017

I found a store PLATI and started buying cards with a small balance around $ 0.05 and testing them in Gett and Uber. On the fifth seller i found card for TAXI. I was lucky, she accept to Gett and Uber.
Link where I bought a virtual card.

Uber promocode a buying there.